Beyond Market Cycles is a newsletter about the search for cycles brought to you straight from the most advanced digital signal processing algorithms.

As a cycle analyst and researcher with a strong technical background, I use digital signal processing to decipher important cycles in global financial markets.

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Why Markets and The Search for Cycles?

Cycles have often been referred to as "the mysterious forces that trigger events." Cycles are found in all aspects of life; they range from the very short-term, such as the high- and low-water tidal cycles on the coastal beach, to the life cycle of a planet that lasts billions of years.

No matter what kind of markets you look at, they all go through cyclical phases. The same is true for economic hopes and fears, which ultimately add up to what happens in global financial markets.

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My background includes authoring two books on cycle analysis, being the creator of the cloud-based Cycle Analysis Toolbox, and partnering with leading global cycle research organizations. With over 25 years of experience in digital signal processing, cycle analysis and market forecasting, I will share my view and experience on this subject area through this newsletter.

Professional background:

Lars von Thienen


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